military engineering

military engineering

military engineering: see engineering.

Art and practice of designing and building military works and of building and maintaining lines of military transport and communications. It includes both tactical support (see tactics) on the battlefield, including construction of fortifications and demolition of enemy installations, and strategic support (see strategy) away from the front lines, such as construction or maintenance of airfields, ports, roads, railroads, bridges, and hospitals. Its most notable feat in ancient times was the Great Wall of China. The preeminent military engineers of the ancient Western world were the Romans, who maintained their power by constructing not only forts and garrisons but roads, bridges, aqueducts, harbors, and lighthouses. Seealso civil engineering.

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The Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) is the main training establishment for the British Army's Royal Engineers. After they have successfully completed their basic training, members of the Corps of Royal Engineers receive their combat engineering and other special-to-arm training at the RSME.


The RSME was founded by Major (later General Sir) Charles Pasley, as the Royal Engineer Establishment in 1812. It was renamed the School of Military Engineering in 1868 and granted the "Royal" prefix in 1962.


The RSME is based at several sites in Chatham in Kent, England. It also has a subsidiary site at Camberley in Surrey. Its mission is "To deliver trained and motivated Military Engineers to meet the operational requirements of the Armed Forces".


Combat engineer school

The Combat Engineer School runs 194 courses every year with 45 different course titles. On any given day, between 700 and 1,000 students are training at the Combat Engineer school. It is based at Gibraltar Barracks in Camberley.

Construction Engineer School

The Construction Engineer School in Chatham runs 177 different courses for over 8,500 students a year.

Defence Animal Centre

Located near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, the DAC is the military's leading canine and equine training centre.

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