Militari is a district in the western part of Bucharest, in Sector 6, built in the early 1960s by Soviet workers, after completely razing the village called Militari. It is home to about 100,000 inhabitants.

The district is very compact and it was built using a basic three parallel boulevards-geometry. Militari is packed between Drumul Taberei and Crângaşi districts and it the westernmost part of the capital Bucharest. It is connected by the Metro system, buses and high-speed tramways with the city center and the main railway station.

The district developed rapidly following the Romanian Revolution of 1989, transforming itself in one of the most prosperous regions in Bucharest. Shopping is easy, since in recent years the district saw the opening of two hypermarkets (Cora and Carrefour) and a modern, large mall ("Plaza Romania"). The district has a new theatre ("Masca") and a modern cinema ("Movieplex").

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