Mike Fright

Mike Fright

Mike Fright is a 1934 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Gus Meins. It was the (42nd talking episode) 130th Our Gang short that was released.


When open auditions are announced for a radio variety program, the local station is besieged by aggressively overcoached "professional kids." Also auditioning is an impressive-sounding musical aggregation called the International Silver String Submarine Band --- which turns out to be none other than the "Our Gang" kids, equipped (or rather, armed) with home-made instruments. After suffering through an endless parade of cloyingly cute kiddie troupers (and inadvertently wrecking several expensive pieces of radio equipment in the process), the Gang members step up to the microphone and steal the show with a truly unforgettable rendition of "The Man on the Flying Trapeze". Mike Fright was also the first Our Gang short since Pups Is Pups from 1930 to not contain the theme song used for opening credits (and closings in most cases). It was one of two Hal Roach produced Our gang episodes since 1930 to not use the theme song at all.


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