Middleweight is a division, or weight class, in boxing. Early boxing history is less than exact, but the middleweight designation seems to have begun in the 1840s. In the bare-knuckle era, the first middleweight championship fight was between Tom Chandler and Dooney Harris in 1867. Chandler won, becoming known as the American middleweight champion.

The first middleweight fight with gloves may have been between George Fulljames and Jack (Nonpareil) Dempsey (no relation to the more famous heavyweight of the same name). Dempsey knocked out Fulljames on July 30, 1884.

In the modern era, middleweight means that the fighter's official weight does not exceed 160 pounds (73 kg). (In practice, however, since weigh-ins take place usually 24 hours before the actual fight, many fighters show up at the actual ringside weighing more.)

The current middleweight champion, Kelly Pavlik, won a T.K.O. victory in September 2007, defeating the defending champion, Jermain Taylor in the 7th round.

Some notable middleweights have been:

Olympic champions

Professional Champions


Category Men's Women's Competitions Note
Middleweight 78 - 84 kg 67 - 72 kg World Championships, Continental Championships, Asian Games since 1999
Middleweight 76 - 83 kg 65 - 70 kg World Championships, Continental Championships, Asian Games until 1998
Middleweight 68 - 80 kg 57 - 67 kg Olympic Games, Pan Am Games, All-Africa Games


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