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Middle-of-the-Road Italy

Middle-of-the-Road Italy (Italia di Mezzo IdM) was an Italian centrist political grouping founded in 2006 by Marco Follini, Senate member and former leader of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats (UDC, 2002-05), and Riccardo Conti, member of the Chamber of Deputies. Initially founded as a free political association in support of the "no" vote for the 2006 constitutional referendum, it became a party on October 21, 2006, after Follini announced his resignations from the UDC caucus.

The primary goal of this political movement was to attract all those voters who were unsatisfied by the Italian political system, based on the often harsh contrapposition between the centre-left Union and the centre-right House of Freedoms, and to change, or, better, to produce the end of bi-polarism. However, he supported Prodi in a confidence vote and then entered the Union.

Never having contested an election on its own, the party merged into the Democratic Party on 14 October 2007. Most of its members anyway did not follow Follini in that decision and switched to Italy of the Centre, led by former Minister of the Interior Vincenzo Scotti.

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