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Midden-Drenthe is a municipality in the northeastern Netherlands. The municipality was created in 1998, in a merger of the former municipalities of Beilen, Smilde, and Westerbork. Between 1998 and 2000, the name of the municipality was Middenveld.

Population centres

Balinge, Beilen, Bovensmilde, Brunsting, Bruntinge, Drijber, Elp, Eursinge, Garminge, Hijken, Hijkersmilde, Holthe, Hoogersmilde, Hooghalen, Laaghalen, Laaghalerveen, Lieving, Makkum, Mantinge, Nieuw-Balinge, Oranje (Drenthe), Orvelte, Smalbroek, Smilde, Spier, Terhorst, Westerbork, Wijster, Witteveen, Zuidveld and Zwiggelte.

The village of Westerbork gives its name to the Westerbork deportation and (later) concentration camp, located about 7 km north of the village, in the forests of Hooghalen.

The Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) array was installed near the site of the camp in 1969.

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