Sanmicheli, Michele, c.1484-1559, Italian architect and engineer. He was influenced by Bramante's works in Rome, and after 1527 worked primarily in Verona, where his manner changed from a harmonious High Renaissance style toward the more complex and discordant rhythms of mannerist art. Typical of his later style is the Palazzo Bevilacqua, Verona. Other examples of his highly refined style include the Church of the Madonna di Campagna near Verona, the Petrucci Chapel in the Church of San Domenico at Orvieto, the Palazzo Grimani in Venice, and the Canossa and Pompei palaces at Verona.
Giambono, Michele, fl.1420-62, Venetian mosaicist and painter, whose original name was Michele Giovanni Boni. One of the last exponents of the international Gothic style, his work has close affinities with the paintings of Gentile da Fabriano and Jacobello del Fiore. Of his mosaics the most important are Birth of the Virgin and Presentation in the Temple (St. Mark's, Venice). Among his paintings are Christ Rising from the Tomb (Metropolitan Mus.) and St. Peter (National Gall. of Art, Washington, D.C.).
Bachelet, Michele (Verónica Michele Bachelet Jeria), 1951-, Chilean political leader and government official. Her father, Alberto Bachelet, was an air force general and official in President Salvador Allende's government; after Allende was overthrown (1973), he was arrested by the Pinochet regime, tortured, and died in prison (1974). In 1975, Bachelet and her mother were also arrested and tortured, then exiled. Returning in 1979, Bachelet graduated (1982) from medical school, then worked as a pediatrician and later as an epidemiologist. She did postgraduate work in strategic and defense studies in 1996-97. A Socialist, Bachelet served as minister of health (2000-2002) and defense (2002-4) under President Ricardo Lagos, becoming a popular national figure. In 2004 she resigned to run for the Chilean presidency, and won the nomination of the center-left coalition. Promising political continuity with her post-Pinochet predecessors, she was elected president in 2006, becoming the first woman in Chile to win the office.
Michele is an Italian male given name (pronounced "mee-KAY-lay") and a female given name (pronounced "mish-ELL") equivalent to the English Michael; it is an example of a homograph. It derives from the Latin Michaelem, and originally from the Hebrew Mi-Kha'El, composed of words mi (who), kha (how) and El, short form of Elohìm, God. The literal meaning is, therefore, "Who is like God?".

Michele's Name-Day is on September 29th for the Catholic Church and on November 8th for the Orthodox Church.

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