Mexican Wave (song)

"Mexican Wave" is a song by Kerbdog and a single released on January 3, 1997, taken from their second album On the Turn. The single was released on three different CD singles. The B-sides are live recordings of various tracks from On the Turn and Kerbdog.

The lyrics refer to a manic-depressive friend of singer Cormac Battle.

Track listing of CD1

  1. "Mexican Wave"
  2. "Sally (Live)"
  3. "On The Turn (live)"

Track listing of CD2

  1. "Mexican Wave"
  2. "End of Green (Live)"
  3. "Secure (Live)"

Track listing of CD3

  1. "Mexican Wave"
  2. "Dry Riser (Live)"
  3. "Pledge (Live)"


There was also a CD DJ promo (KERCJ3)

  1. Mexican Wave (Radio Edit)
  2. Mexican Wave (Album Version)
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