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Metal Heads Mission

Metal Heads Mission (MHM) is an annual music Metal Fest near Evpatoria, Crimea, in the Ukraine. 2008 will be the 9th year of the fest. It is organized by Ukrainain Brutal death metal band Mental Demise. It usually takes place in August, in Recreational complex "Solnishko" between Saki and Evpatoria and lasts 3 days. The beach is literally 25 feet away from the stage.
MHM is the largest Metal fest in the CIS, and an estimated 3000 metal heads flock to it annually.

Many legendary death/grind bands have played the fest such as Napalm Death, Dead Infection, Cerebral Turbulency, Moonfog, Mental Demise, Suffocation, Benediction, Vader, and Immolation.

In 2008, the Festival will move to Morskoe in Sudak.Band booking starts in November 07.

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