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Metal-Head is a character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series where he is a member of the Iron Grenadiers. He first appeared in the 1990 edition of the toyline. He is not to be mistaken for another character with a similar name Metalhead from G.I. Joe Extreme.

An anti-tank specialist, Metal-Head is like a walking anti-tank weapon himself. He can launch missiles from his backpack and his hip-mounted swiveling holster tubes. His blast suit includes a built-in laser-guided targeting computer that ties into his range-finder goggles and is voice-activated. All Metal-Head has to do to fire is look at his target and yell "bang". Metal-Head is constantly ready for battle, and thinks of little else. The sheer joy he displays in combat often makes his enemies and allies question his sanity.

TV series

Metal-Head had many appearances in the second G.I. Joe animated series produced by DiC Entertainment. Here, he is a madman who liked to blast everything and everyone. He very much served as a comic relief and a source of frustration for Cobra Commander. In the first season, he was frequently partnered with the Dreadnok Gnawgahyde. He is one of few characters to become popular from the second series.


Metal-Head joined Destro's Iron Grenadier army as his anti-tank specialist. When he began working for Cobra, he was there as a double-agent, spying on Cobra Commander for Destro. The Joes first encountered Metal-Head during the Battle of Benzheen when he personally went up against a group of G.I. Joe armored vehicles on foot, armed with his advanced missile system. Before the battle could be won, it was announced that Benzheen's Emir made a deal with Cobra, putting an end to hostilities. Metal-Head soon reported back to Destro in Scotland, warning that Cobra was planning to attack Castle Destro. Cobra Commander proved him right by launching an attack that led to the destruction of the castle. Metal-Head was not seen working for Destro or Cobra for years after the battle. Some time after Cobra was re-formed in 2001, Metal-Head was seen on Cobra Island working alongside Cobra troops led by Destro, fighting the forces of a revived Serpentor.

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