Mest is a pop punk band from Blue Island, Illinois. The band's lineup, prior to their breakup in 2006, consisted of vocalist and guitarist Tony Lovato, guitarist Jeremiah Rangel, bassist Matt Lovato, and drummer Nick Gigler. They broke up in 2006 after an eleven year run, but reformed in 2008 with a new lineup, featuring only their singer returning for a final tour for people who missed the last one.


Cousins Matt Lovato and Tony Lovato formed the band together in October 1995. The band's last guitarist, Jeremiah Rangel, joined the band in 1998. Their previous guitarist was Steve Lovato, Tony Lovato's brother. He left the band due to creative differences. Nick Gigler played drums for Mest from 1997.

In 1998, the band self-released Mo' Money, Mo' 40z. Their debut album on Maverick Records, Wasting Time, was released in July 2000 and Destination Re-Born in 2001. They toured as an opening band for Goldfinger on July 20, 2002 in Las Vegas and then a few months later, released a DVD called The Show Must Go Off! in January 2003. Later, that same year, the band released their self-titled album, which featured the single Jaded (These Years) which featured Benji Madden of Good Charlotte.

In 2005, a tour with Social Distortion was cut short when drummer Nick Gigler required medical attention for unknown reasons. The band's last album, Photographs, was released October 18th, 2005. Two singles released on the internet from the disc, "Take Me Away (Cried Out to Heaven)" and "Kiss Me, Kill Me", which can be found at MySpace, along with the video for the lead single, "Take Me Away (Cried Out to Heaven)". "Kiss Me, Kill Me" is notable for being the only single to be released that featured Rangel as the lead vocalist; something fans on Mest's message board had been demanding for some time.

Break up

In 2006, the band announced on their MySpace blog: that they had decided to cease performing together.

Their vocalist Tony Lovato released this statement:

Friday, January 13, 2006

someday ill explain xoxo, sorry 2 say this is not some sort of joke or something 2 do with Friday the 13th weird though i didn't even realise it. well when i typed it, it wuz the 14th. Im in Japan.. we are not turning our backs on our fans.. come on. someday ill explain teh reason/reasons. i debated telling everyone but figured its better 2 be honest and to let the people kno that want 2 see us one last tyme.. its been 10 years, 5 records and I've seen the world. its been my lyfe. trust me this is harder on me than ANY of u. i wouldn't have changed a thing. I've done and seen more in the past 10 yrs than most people will experience in there entire life. and its because of you guys so thank u. thank u 2 the people that I've affected with my music and thank u 2 the people that have affected me through my music. weve had a great run.. i <3 u all.....Tony


Fatal stabbing

In 2007, Tony Lovato was jailed on suspicion of murder in Los Angeles after police said he confessed to stabbing his current girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. He was held on $1 million bail after telling police that he was assaulted earlier in the day by Wayne Hughes, 25, in the underground parking lot of Archstone Apartments in the suburb of Studio City.

"At some point, Mr. Lovato produced a knife and the victim was stabbed," said Lt. Andrew Neiman of the Los Angeles Police Dept. "He has been booked for criminal homicide."

Neiman said police had been called to the apartment the night before, following an altercation between the two, but no arrests were made.

On Tuesday March 27th, 2007, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office dropped the murder charges, ruling that Lovato had acted in self-defense.

Room One Eleven

Steve Lovato aka "Locust", has gone on to assemble a music project called ROOM ONE ELEVEN which includes former Mest lighting engineer and merch salesman, Phil Cirullo aka "Swylla" and hip hop prodigy Damien Ringo. They are a group based out of Chicago's Southside.

According to their myspace page the album is set for release in early March.

This bands first album "Tears Dry Low" was released in early March 2008.

Kisses For Kings

Tony Lovato has gone on to form a band called Kisses For Kings (formerly called A Permanent Holiday) which features members from the band Bleed the Dream and Lit. They have already performed a few shows including dates at the 2007 Warped Tour.

The Get Go

A side project to spawn from the former Mest band is Chicago-based The Get Go, featuring Nick Gigler on the drums. The band was formed in January 2007, and also features members such as Allister's Scott Murphy on bass & vocals and Kyle Lewis on guitar & vocals, Showoff's Chris Messer on vocals, and Home Grown's Dan Hammond on guitar & vocals. The group has posted 3 songs on their myspace and have stated that they may or may not be on the upcoming full length,and that they are available for digital purchase via Snocap.


On March 13, 2008, Tony Lovato's MySpace posted a bulletin on his about "Mest's ONE NIGHT STAND," a show that Mest will be playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California on April 17, 2008.This was confirmed by Nick Gigler, who then posted a bulletin through his personal MySpace and confirmed that he will not make an appearance and that he had called Jeremiah Rangel, and Matt Lovato who had also confirmed they would not make appearances with Tony either, after Tony announced that his new band Kisses For Kings will be playing all Mest songs along with a few new KFK songs.

Mest have recently announced to be releasing a new free EP in September 2008 along with a tour featuring Chris Wilson (Good Charlotte, The Summer Obsession) and one of the original founding members Steve Lovato, now of Room One Eleven. Jeremiah and Matt have been reported to be too busy to join, although Matt was interested but couldn't due to other commitments. Nick is busy with The Get Go and he and Tony have parted ways.






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