Parañaque Science High School

Parañaque Science High School (Filipino: Mataas na Paaralang Pang-Agham ng Parañaque) (PSHS) is a specialized public school in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is under the administration of the local government of Parañaque City and is recognized by the Department of Education. The school offers scholarships to Filipino students who are exceptionally gifted in the sciences and mathematics.

Every January or February, PSHS accepts applications for following school year. Foremost among its criteria for selection is being a resident of Parañaque City. ther requirements include an average grade of 85% with no grade lower than 85% in any grading period, must belong to the top 140 qualifiers in the entrance examination, and must be able to pass the interview given by the head teachers and the principal of the school.

The quality of its students, the focus given to science and technology, and the scholars' duty to pursue careers in the sciences and engineering set the PSHS apart from the other schools. The education acquired by PSHS students prepares them to explore the larger dimensions of science and technology.

True to its mission, the PSHS continues to contribute to nation-building by helping the country reach a critical mass of professionals in science and technology. It is hoped that Parcian students will continue to serve as a guiding inspiration to young people aspiring to be PSHS' scholars.And most of all, may they develop a deep love for our country and the genuine desire to serve the Filipino people.

Guidelines in Admission, Retention and Transfer of students


Students who belong to the upper 10% of the Grade 6 graduating class and who have been recommended by their respective principals are qualified to take the entrance examination.

Selection shall be done in 3 stages and shall be conducted by the school. The first stage is the administration of the standardized mental ability and aptitude test. The second stage entails the proficiency test in English , Mathematics and Science. Test takers who are not able to obtain the cut-off score after having gone through the two stages shall not be entitled to advance to the last stage of selection. A list of students to be interviewed will be posted after the prescribed date issued by the school.

The last stage is the interview of the student qualifier with the parent to be conducted by the school's screening committee.The interview shall be rated in accordance with a prepared rubric and the rating will be an integral part of the score obtained by the student. A list of students who have passed the said three stages of selection would be posted at the school’s gate after the prescribed date issued by school or an inquiry could be made through phone call on the school’s office

  • Standardized Mental Ability. . . . 50%
  • Proficiency . . . . . . . . . . . 40%
  • Interview . . . . . . . . . . . . 10%


For a student to remain in the program, he or she should obtain a final grade of at least 85% in all learning areas (Filipino, English, Science, Math, MAKABAYAN and Elective Subjects). However, a student may obtain a grade lower than 85% in any grading periods provided that the average shall meet the required average in the final rating in all learning areas. Failure to maintain the grade requirement set by the school would mean an elimination of the student from the program.


Only students who have maintained the grade requirement set for the Regional Science High School (RSHS) shall be allowed to transfer laterally, that is from one RSHS to another. Transfer from a general high school to RSHS shall not be allowed in any curriculum year.

Department Heads

Department Head Department
Mr. Rodrigo Morales English Department
Ms. Gina Zapico Technology Education Department
Mrs. Leonisia Romano Social Studies Department
Mrs. Corazon Javier Science Department
Ms. Emma Cunanan Mathematics Department
Mrs. Luisa Austria Filipino Department
Ms. Mayona Tanao-Tanao Mapeh Department
Ms. Delia Mondido Values Education Department


PSHS is the first school in Parañaque to have a curriculum more focused on Science, Technology, and Mathematics, while maintaining a good balance in other subjects as well.

SCIENCE General Science Biology Chemistry Physics
MATHEMATICS Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Geometry Advanced Algebra & Statistics
ENGLISH Pag-unawa Gramatika Panitikang Pilipino Panitikang Asyano
SOCIAL STUDIES Philippine History and Government Asian History World History Economics
MAPEH Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health Music, Physical Education, Health & Citizenship Advancement Training
SCIENCE ELECTIVES Earth Science Introduction to Chemistry Introduction to Physics and Biotechnology Advanced Chemistry and Research
VALUES (EPP) Values Education(Sarili) Values Education(Kapwa) Values Education(Lipunan) Values Education(Diyos)
ENGLISH ELECTIVES Developmental Reading Technical Writing Journalism I Journalism II
MATH ELECTIVES Consumers' Math Statistics Trigonometry Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry

Computer science subjects are offered to all year levels. Research is given during the third and fourth year levels. General Science is studied during the first year, while biology is tackled during second year. Physics is taken up during the fourth year. Chemistry is studied during the second, third and fourth years. As part of requirements for third and fourth-year research courses, students have to produce research papers and project proposals, which they have the option to submit to local science fairs, which then goes international for abroad science fairs. The school has electives (add-on subjects) that gives emphasis on Science, English and Math subjects. The school also has vocational subjects in their TLE class.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A general weighted average of 85% with no final grade below 85% in any subject, homeroom, extra and co-curricular activities including deportment.

Parañaque Division Hymn


Sangay ng Parañaque Tayo Na

Taos Pusong Iwagayway ang Bandila

Ng Pagmamahal, Pagaaruga at Paglilingkod

Sa Kapakanan ng bansa ay di Tatalikod


Guro, magulang at buong pamayanan

Sa tulong ng ating pamahalaan

Kapit bisig ating mithiin ay iaalay

Iwagayway bawat angat ng tagumpay

Sections and Advisers

-This List is not complete-

Year & Section Adviser
IA Mrs. Arlene Sioc
IB Ms. Myrna Camandono
IC Mrs. Ma. Cristina Villareal
ID Ms. Alma Pleras
IIA Mrs. Cleofe Robles
IIB Mr. Reynaldo Sumil
IIC Ms. Mayona Tanao-Tanao
IID Ms. Sheryll Jamito
IIIA Mrs. Prescilla Raymundo
IIIB Mrs. Corazon Javier
IIIC MS. Myrna Mesana
IVA Mrs. Malou De Jesus
IVB Ms. Susan Hembra



Teacher Year And Subject
Ms. Myrna Camandono 1st Year English
Mrs. Selina Brigola 1st Year Developmental Reading & 2nd Year Technical Writing
Mrs. Cleofe Robles 2nd Year English
Mrs. Susan Hembra 3rd Year & 4th Year Journalism
Mr. Rodrigo Morales 3rd Year & 4th Year English


Teacher Year And Subject
Ms. Emma Cunanan 1st Year Elementary Algebra
Sir. Reynaldo Sumil 2nd Year Intermediate Algebra and 3rd Year Trigonometry
Mrs. Prescilla Raymundo 1st Year Elementary Algebra and 3rd Year Geometry
Sir. Nestor Torrecampo 3rd Year Trigonometry & 4th Year Algebra/ Statistics
Mrs. Jacklyn Pobre 1st Year Consumer's Math and 2nd Year Statistics


Teacher Year And Subject
Mrs. Arlene Sioc 1st Year General Science
Mrs. Jacquilene Montes 3rd Year Physics & 3rd Year Research
Mrs. Cristina Villareal 1st Year Science & 1st Year Earth Science
Mr. Carlito Rosales 2nd Year Biology
Ms. Sheryll Jamito 2nd Year Chemistry & 4th Year Research
Mrs. Mylyn Aquino 3rd Year Biotechnology and 4th Year Advanced Chemistry
Mrs. Corazon Javier 3rd Year Chemistry
Mrs. Malou De Jesus 4th Year Physics
Mrs. Zenaida Ramos 4th Year Chemistry


Teacher Year And Subject
Ms. Alma Pleras 1st Year Philippine History
Mrs. Elsa Quebec 2nd Year Asian History & 3rd Year World History
Mrs. Leonisia Romano 3rd Year World History & 4th Year Economics


Teacher Year And Subject
Mrs. Luisa Austria 1st Year Filipino
Mrs. Lagrimas Arroyo 2nd Year Filipino and 3rd Year Filipino
Mrs. Prescilla Alvendia 3rd Year Filipino & 4th Year Filipino


Teacher Year And Subject
Ms. Delia Mondido 2nd Year Values Education and 4th Year Values Education
Ms. Myrna Mesana 1st Year Values Education and 3rd Year Values Education


Teacher Year And Subject
Mrs.Arlene Sioc 1st Year Computer
Ms.Mercy Ramos 1st year Computer and 2nd Year Computer
Ms. Mary Mae Enriquez 1st Year Computer
Ms. Gina Zapico 3rd Year Drafting & 4th Year Drafting


Teacher Year And Subject
Ms. Mae Enriquez MAPEH I
Ms. Mayona Tanao-Tanao MAPEH II
Mrs. Allauigan MAPEH III
Mrs. Allauigan MAPEH IV


PSHS is near Olivarez Hospital, SM Sucat and Lianas Evacom, which are also along Dr. Arcadio Santos Ave.

The school is easily accessible by public transportation through Public Utility Jeeps (PUJ).

Extracurricular Activities

Although the curriculum is more grounded in the sciences than other high schools in Paranaque, the school offers a wide variety of activities that would help develop students into future ethical and socially-responsible citizens. The Supreme Student Government was created to help foster the leadership skills of students. Other organizations are the English club, The Math Club (and its sub-organization the I-Core), the Filipino club, the Mary Help of Christians Crusade and the YES-O.

The months in the school year are especially dedicated to specific areas in the curriculum as follows:

  • July: TLE Month (Ms. Gina Zapico)
  • August: Filipino Month (Ms. Luisa Austria)
  • September: Science Month (Mrs. Cristina Villareal)
  • October: Social Studies Month (Mrs. Leonisia Romano)
  • November: English Month (Mrs. Cleofe Robles)
  • December: Values Education Month (Ms. Delia Mondido)
  • January: Math Month (Miss Emma Cunanan)
  • February: Foundation Month

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