mercator track


Track or Tracks may refer to:

In nature:

  • Animal tracks, imprints left on surfaces that an animal walk across
  • Trackway, an ancient route of travel or track used by animals

In sport:

  • Track cycling, a bicycle racing sport usually held on specially-built banked tracks
  • Athletics (track and field), a collection of sports events that involve running, throwing and jumping; also known as "track and field", "track and field athletics", or just "track" in the US
  • Race track, purpose-built facility for the conducting of races
  • A synonym for cricket pitch, central strip of a cricket field between the wickets

In transport and navigation:

  • Such as the automobile track, a general vehicle track is the distance at which both the front and rear wheels are disposed, in a road vehicle.
  • Rail tracks, used on railways, which, together with railroad switches, guide trains without the need for steering
  • Wheel gauge of a railway vehicle, or rail gauge
  • Navigational track, the path a vessel or aircraft plots over ground
  • An ocean track is used in flight planning for routing aircraft across an ocean, or ground track for overland navigation. It is the path of the aircraft as determined combination of heading, slip, and wind effects.
  • Track (sat nav): an ordered set of points along a path in satellite navigation devices
  • Continuous track, a belt providing motive traction for a tank or bulldozer
  • Track (Trail), an informal road or pathway

In electronics and computing:

In building:

In audio-visual topics:

  • Soundtrack, the recorded sound accompanying a visual medium such as a motion picture, television show, or video game
  • Track (CD), consecutive set of sectors on the disc containing a block of data
  • Control track, a sychronisation device used in video recording

In music:

In films:

In printed media:

In physics:

  • Event reconstruction of a charged particle's path in relation to a particle accelerator or particle detector

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