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Mr. Len (Leonard "Lenny" Smythe) is a hip hop DJ from Brooklyn, New York. He was a member, with Bigg Jus and El-P, of the underground hip hop trio Company Flow, which disbanded in the late-1990s. Presently he is in a group with Kimani Rogers from The Masterminds named Roosevelt Franklin. He also collaborated with Handsome Boy Modelling School member Prince Paul to produce the faux-doo wop group The Dix.

Prior to the Company Flow break up, Mr. Len and co-host Big Nige (Nigel Wright) hosted the ultra successful radio show called "The Official Hip Hop Show", broadcasted from WRSU-FM. The "Official" show was nationally recognized as not only leader in the advancement of underground rap music, but also one of the best rap radio shows in the New York metropolitan area. Guests included The Legendary Rock Steady Crew member Crazy Legs, Actor / Poet Mums da Schemer, legendary radio host Bobbito the Barber. The show was also responsible for helping to launch the careers of groups like Scienz of Life.

Upon Company Flow’s disbanding, Mr. Len pursued a solo career with the critically acclaimed release Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind the Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummy Smacks on Matador Records in 2001. The album featured cameos by Chubb Rock, Jean Grae, The Juggaknots, Lord Sear and more. After further work with rap ingénue Jean Grae, producing tracks on her 2002 debut album Attack of the Attacking Things as well as touring with her as her performance DJ, Mr. Len made the decision to launch his own label in 2003.

Smacks Records kicked off with the single release "Take Yo Ass To The Store" feat. Mr. Len and Living Legends crew member Murs. Later that year, he joined Kimani Rodgers of The Masterminds to form the group Roosevelt Franklin. They released their debut album Something's Got to Give (Third Earth Music) and their humor-charged live performances garnered them an underground following and unexpected acceptance from the critics.

Mr. Len followed up "Take Yo Ass To The Store" with Class X: A Tribute To Company Flow, the first full-length release on Smacks Records in 2004. In addition to Mr. Len, the Smacks roster has grown to include R&B/hip-hop hybrid The Dix (members include legendary producer Prince Paul, Mr. Dead, Don Newkirk, Don Richardson, MC Paul Barman and others) as well as Mr. Len’s discoveries Bully Mouth, Kice Of Course, Mental Case, and Eff Radio.

If the years since Company Flow are any indication, Mr. Len is working non-stop to establish his musical legacy and is well on his way. "No matter how much I do, how much I accomplish, the next project is always a new beginning.”

Mr. Len Discography

Company Flow

  • Funcrusher , Rawkus Records - 1995
  • Funcrusher Plus , Rawkus Records - 1997
  • Little Johnny from the Hospital , Rawkus Records – 1998


  • “Patriotism”, Soundbombing, Rawkus Records – 1999
  • “DPA (as seen on TV) ”, Def Jux Presents Company Flow, Definitive Jux Records - 2001


  • “End to End Burners”, Rawkus Records - 1999

Roosevelt Franklin

  • Something's Got to Give , Third Earth Music- 2003

Mr. Len

  • Pity the Fool: Experiments in therapy behind the mask of music while handing out dummy smacks , Matador Records - 2001
  • Class X, A Tribute to Company Flow , Smacks Records – 2004

Mix CDs

  • Mr. Len, Rhettmatic, DJ Drez, Hidden Jewels, Polygram – 1999
  • Mr. Len & Bobbito, Kick A Dope Verse/Scratches For Your Anal Crevice, 1999
  • Mr. Len, Vibe With The Crowd Live from Club Harlem (Japan), 2000
  • Mr. Len, Oven Roasted Beats, Room Service/7 Heads - 2003

Production/Album Appearances

  • Armand Van Helden, “Rock Da Spot”, 2 Future 4 U, Armed Records - 1999
  • Roger Sanchez, “Buffalo Gals Stampede [S-Man's Spicy Buffalo Wings Dub]” Maximum House & Garage, EMI Int’l - 1999
  • Bill Laswell/Material, "This Morning" feat. Juggaknots, Intonarumori, Palm Pictures Audio - 1999
  • The Masterminds, “ The Fast Way”, Live From Area 51: The Extraterrestrial Project , Exodus Entertainment - 1999
  • Twigy, Seven Dimensions Remix LP (Japanese Release), 2000
  • MC Paul Barman, "School Anthem", It's Very Stimulating, Wordsound - 2000
  • DJ Krush "Vision Of Art" feat. Company Flow/Scratches by Mr. Len, Zen, Red Int / Red Ink - 2001
  • Princess Superstar, "Trouble", Is, Rapster - 2002
  • Jean Grae, "What Would I Do" and "Knock", Attack of the Attacking Things, Third Earth Music - 2002
  • Prince Paul, “Ralph Nader” skit, Politics of the Business, Razor & Tie - 2003
  • Indelible MCs (El-P, J-Treds, Juggaknots), "Weight", Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1, Priority Records - 1999, Re-released 2004
  • Jedi Mind Tricks, "Words from Mr. Len 1 & 2", Violent By Design, Landspeed - 2000, Re-released 2004
  • Mass Influence, "Analyze" (Single), Boulevard/Nonstop - 2000
  • Various Artists, “Hip Hop for Respect” (Single), Rawkus Records - 2000
  • Murs, "Take Yo Ass to the Store" (Single), Smacks Records - 2003
  • Mr. Dead feat. Sayyid (Anti-Pop), "Dynamic Tension" (Single) 2005

Television Appearance

  • BET’s Rap City , Guest DJ, 2001

Soundtrack Appearances

  • DVD- Various instrumentals, Red Bull Seek & Destroy (Fresh Kills Productions), 2004
  • Film- “Blackout”, Whiteboyz, 1999
  • Television- “This Morning”, Playmakers Episode 105, ESPN 2003
  • Television- “Lencorcism”, Direct Effect, MTV
  • Television- “Transmission” sound effects production, BET

Voiceover Appearances

  • Kung Faux (Tommy Boy Films) television series, cast regular, FUSE TV
  • State of Emergency (Rock Star Games) video game, various voices

Tours/Live Appearances

  • Beastie Boys Hello Nasty Tour, Support Act, 1998 (with Company Flow)
  • Mr. Len & Grand Wizard Theodore, 1998 (DJ)
  • The Prodigy, Support Act, 1998 ==as a DJ==
  • Canadian Music Week, 1998 (with Company Flow)
  • Levi's Tour (Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray), 1999 (DJ)
  • Mr. Len, Bobbito and Jean Grae, South Africa * , April 2000
  • Nader Rocks The Garden Rally, Madison Square Garden, 2000
  • Living Legends, Japan, 2001 (DJ)
  • Morcheeba, Support Act, 2003 (DJ)
  • Mr. Len, Mr. Complex, & El Fudge, 2003
  • Clubraum Rote Fabrik, Switzerland, 2003 (with Jean Grae)
  • Smacks Tour, 2004 (Mr. Len, Roosevelt Franklin, Bully Mouth & Kice… of course)
  • First post-apartheid American hip-hop performances in South Africa

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