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Gangster (film)

Gangster (Hindi: गैंग्स्टर) is a 2006 Bollywood film that premiered on April 28. The film stars Shiney Ahuja, Emraan Hashmi and Kangna Ranaut, a new coming actress in Bollywood films. This is her first film. This film is a story of a bar girl who is in love with two people, one an ordinary, simple man and the other, a gangster. The movie has many hit songs one of which is a composition by Bangla pop legend Gautham Chattopadhyay. The music is by Pritam Chakraborty.

The film was rumored to be based on the story of mobster Abu Salem and former actress Monica Bedi but the director Mahesh Bhatt has claimed that the film is based on no real people or incidents.


Simran (Kangna Ranaut) is an alcoholic, heading towards doom. The only person who comforts her when she's feeling low in far-away Seoul, South Korea is Aakash (Emraan Hashmi), a singer in an Indian restaurant. Their relationship gradually changes from friendship to love. And one night, Aakash learns of Simran's past and the prime reason for her loneliness.

From a bar dancer in Mumbai to a lonely, pointless existence in Seoul, Simran's journey is full of thorns. She is the girlfriend of the dreaded gangster Daya (Shiny Ahuja), a man on the run. He is in Mauritius, then Dubai, later Seoul. He has no place he can call his own.

When Daya learns of Simran's relationship with Aakash, he promises to mend ways and fulfill her dreams of a normal life. But there are complications. Simran discovers that she is pregnant; she is carrying Aakash's baby. She is now torn between the two men in her life. She has to make a choice.

Upon knowing about Simran's pregnancy Aakash comes to meet her and persuades her to help in Daya's apprehension. Meanwhile Daya who had gone to perform his last bad act- two fake passports for himself and Simran- is intercepted by Khan (Gulshan Grover) and is badly beaten up. However he is able to fight back and kills Khan. He then rings up Simran and tells her to meet him outside Seoul station at midnight.

Simran arrives at the appointed time to find Daya injured. He somehow crawls to Simran and takes out a box of sindoor for her. But just as he reaches her and embraces her they are surrounded by police cars. Daya realizes that Simran had informed the police. He cries out as he is taken away. Simran remains at the station's stairs till morning and then goes to Aakash's flat. She knocks but there is no answer. She rings up the restaurant he worked for. The proprietor tells her that he is probably at the embassy. She goes to the embassy searching him when her voice booms over the palace. She enters a room full of reporters and is thunderstruck that the one addressing the media is none other than the supposedly caring friend Aakash who in fact is an undercover Indian agent pursuing Daya. Because Simran was Daya's weakness, Aakash then became her weakness in order "To ferret Daya out of his pit." She then explodes in fury in front of the media but Aakash holds her back and slaps her across the face. Every moment Aakash spent with Simran, and pretended to be very nice and loving to her, he actually hated her so much. He also says that no policemen would actually fall in love with a cheap and filthy girl like Simran. Simran then tries to attack Aakash but is stopped by the security. Whilst she's being taken away, she tells everyone that Daya isn't a gangster but Aakash and his men are and threatens him with extreme vengeance.

Daya is sentenced to death. Simran goes to meet him in prison. Then she tracks Aakash's real residence and forcefully enters the house and then shoots several bullets at him mortally injuring him. But before going unconscious, Aakash is able to shoot a fleeing Simran in her shoulder.

But Aakash dies in the hospital while Simran is transferred to the I.C.U. At midnight she escapes to the terrace of the hospital. At dawn Simran commits suicide by jumping off the terrace almost at the same time as Daya is hanged.


Emraan Hashmi as Akash
Shiney Ahuja as Daya
Kangna Ranaut as Simran
Gulshan Grover as Khan
Vicky Ahuja as Usman
Hitanshu Lodhiaas Master Hitanshu Lodhia

  • Emraan's,Shiney's and Kangna's character's surnames are unknown due to them not being mentioned in the Film at all.
  • Pakistani wayward fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar, was offered the role of Daya in the film by Mahesh Bhatt but was turned down by the bowler saying,"My one and only love is cricket".



  • Best Debut - Kangana Ranaut
  • Fair One Face of the year - Kangana Ranaut

Zee Cine Awards

  • Best Debut - Kangana Ranaut

Star Screen Awards

  • Best Debut - Kangana Ranaut

Global Indian Film AwardsItalic text

  • Best Debut - Kangana Ranaut

International Indian Film Academy

  • Best Debut - Kangana Ranaut

AIFA Awards


  • Best Debut - Kangana Ranaut
  • Best Actor (Critics) - Shiney Ahuja


  • Best Male Singer - KK - Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai
  • Best Male Singer - Zubeen - Ya Ali
  • Best Soundtrack - Ya Ali
  • Best Villain - Emraan Hashmi

Stardust Awards

  • Superstar of tomorrow (Male) - Shiney Ahuja
  • Superstar of tomorrow (Female) - Kangana Ranaut


Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Part 1
Written by Sayeed Qadri
Original Music by Oliver Shanti & Friends - Sacral Nirvana
Performed by K.K.(Krishan Kumar Menon)

Bheegi Bheegi
Written by Mayur Puri
Performed by James
He is a Bangladeshi singer

Lamha Lamha Male
Performed by Abhijeet

Ya Ali
Performed by Zubeen
The song Ya Ali bears strong resemblance to the Arabic song Ya Ghali by Guitara.

Ya Ali Remix (DJ Suketu - Arranged by Aks)
Performed by Zubeen
Ya Ali Remix Blast - Released on Compilation.

Mujhe Mat Roko
Performed by Kavita Seth

Lamha Lamha Duet
Performed by Abhijeet & Sunidhi Chauhan

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Part 2
Original Music by Oliver Shanti & Friends - Sacral Nirvana
Performed by K.K. (Krishan Kumar Menon)

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Euro Remix
Orignal Music by Oliver Shanti & Friends - Sacral Nirvana
Performed by K.K. (Krishan Kumar Menon)

The tune of the song " Tu Hi Meri Shab hai " is quite similar to a composition by Oliver Shanti , Sacral Nirvana.


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