men liberation

Men's liberation

Men's liberation is a stream of the modern men's movement. It holds that men are hurt by the male gender role and patriarchy and that men's lives are alienating, unhealthy and impoverished.

They are often sympathetic to feminism and seek to emancipate men in the same manner by which women were liberated by the feminist movement.

They believe that men are overworked, trained to kill or be killed, brutalised and subjected to blame and shame. They give attention to the damage, isolation and suffering inflicted on boys and men through their socialisation into manhood.

They may seek ways to liberate men and have sympathy with profeminism.

It may also be in response to over aggressive feminism that demonizes men and their actions; often in areas (socially and/or geographically) that equality has been reached but there is still a strong push to better the prospects of women to the point that it becomes an advantage.


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