Lexicon Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis Polonorum

Lexicon Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis Polonorum is being created in the Laboratory of Mediaeval Latin , Cracow, a branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It covers Latin language data from Polish sources, which date from the Xth to the first middle of the XVIth century. As for now, there has been published 68 fascicles, in which entries from A to S (septimana) has been recorded.

List of fascicles

  • Vol. I (fascs. 1-8), entries: A - Byssus
  • Vol. II (fascs. 1(9)-10(18)), entries: Cabaciolum - Czweczko
  • Vol. III (fascs. 1(19)-10(28)), entries: Dabilis - Exuvium
  • Vol. IV (fascs. 1(29)-6(34)), entries: F - Hystrix
  • Vol. V (fascs. 1(35)-10(44)), entries: I - Lyrista
  • Vol. VI (fascs. 1(45)-8(51)), entries: M - Oxymel
  • Vol. VII (fascs. 1(52)-11(62), entries: Pabulamen - Quout
  • Vol. VIII (fascs. 1(63)-6(68)), entries: Rabalipton - Septimana


  • Plezia, Marian (1953-1958). Słownik łaciny średniowiecznej w Polsce. Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich.
  • Plezia, Marian (2001). Scripta minora. Łacina średniowieczna i Wincenty Kadłubek. DWN.

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