Indigo Magic Desktop

The Indigo Magic Desktop (IMD) is the default Desktop Environment for Silicon Graphics UNIX variant IRIX, in versions 5.1-6.4. The Indigo Magic Desktop was preceded by the IRIS Workspace in IRIX versions 3.0 through 5.0. The Indigo Magic Desktop was introduced in 1993 with IRIX 5.1 on the Silicon Graphics Indy workstation and primarily consists of:

  • 4Dwm
  • background
  • clogin
  • Desks Overview
  • Desktop File Manager
  • Icon Catalog
  • mediad
  • searchbook
  • soundscheme
  • Toolchest

The Indigo Magic name was later changed to the IRIX Interactive Desktop with the release of IRIX 6.5 in 1998

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