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Mean Street Posse

The Mean Street Posse (MSP) was a heel professional wrestling stable that formerly wrestled in the World Wrestling Federation.


The Mean Street Posse's gimmick was that they were a street gang from Greenwich, Connecticut, a town known for its affluence. As such, their ring gear was comprised of sweater vests and dress pants.

They were closely allied with Shane McMahon, also from Greenwich, often helping him defend the WWE European Championship throughout early 1999. They became part of The Corporation and later The Corporate Ministry but were not considered major forces by any means. They also attempted to help Shane defeat Test at SummerSlam '99, but failed.

Pete Gas and Rodney were legitimate school friends of Shane McMahon, whereas Joey Abs was a professional wrestler who was brought in to be the 'worker' of the group. Rodney was also an accomplished wrestler. Abs got his start in Omega Pro with the Hardy Boyz and worked his way through the WWF. Abs even owns a win over Steve Austin in 1996. After the Posse split up in 2000, Abs went to Ohio Valley Wrestling and had a somewhat successful run. After the break up, Rodney became Rodrageous, and Gas continued the Pete Gas gimmick. All three were released in June 2001.

At the RAW 15th anniversary show on December 10, 2007; Pete Gas made a return to wrestle in a 15 man battle royal featuring different wrestlers from RAW's 15 years.

Landmark moments

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

*Joey Abs
*Stock Exchange (Sitout crucifix powerbomb)
*Gutwrench suplex
*Snake Eyes

*Pete Gas
*Gas Mask (Inverted full nelson lifted and dropped into a sitout spinebuster)

*High Society (Diving neckbreaker)

Championships and accomplishments

Memphis Championship Wrestling

For singles accomplishments, see each member's respective article

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