Mean Business

Mean Business

Mean Business is a studio album by The Firm, released by Atlantic Records on February 3, 1986. Repeating the same bluesy formula as the debut album, Mean Business did not achieve the same commercial success.

One of the album's tracks "Live in Peace" was first recorded on Paul Rodgers' first solo album, 1983's Cut Loose. The differences between the two versions was that Chris Slade played the drums slower than the Cut Loose version except for the ending and Jimmy Page added a bluesy guitar solo at the end of the song.

The album's title was intended to have a double meaning: that the music business is a hard one, and that the band was serious about its music ("The Firm mean business"). However, perhaps due to the lukewarm-at-best critical and financial success with which the band met, Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers decided to disband The Firm within months of this album's release.

The album peaked at #22 on the Billboard's Billboard 200 album chart and #46 on the UK Album Chart.

Track listing

  1. "Fortune Hunter" (Page/Rodgers) – 5:00
  2. "Cadillac" (Page/Rodgers) – 5:57
  3. "All the King's Horses" (Rodgers) – 3:16
  4. "Live in Peace" (Rodgers) – 5:05
  5. "Tear Down the Walls" (Page/Rodgers) – 4:43
  6. "Dreaming" (Franklin) – 6:00
  7. "Free to Live" (Page/Rodgers) – 4:13
  8. "Spirit of Love" (Rodgers) – 5:06




  • Julian Mendelsohn - Producer
  • Aubrey Powell Productions - Cover design
  • Barry Diament - Mastering

Chart positions

  • Billboard Music Charts (North America) - singles
  • 1986 All the King's Horses Pop Singles No.61, Mainstream Rock Tracks No. 1
  • 1986 Live in Peace Pop Singles -

Additional notes

Recorded and mixed at The Sol Studios, Cookham, Berkshire, England. Mastered at Atlantic Studios, New York, United States.

Catalogue: Atlantic 781628-1

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