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Rock Father

Rock Father is Papa John Creach's fifth solo album and his last with Buddah Records. The tracks are recorded with the band Midnight Sun, with the same lineup that played on I'm the Fiddle Man,

Track listing

  1. "Travelin' On'" (Midnight Sun / Creach)
  2. "High Gear" (Parker / Moore / Creach)
  3. "Old Man River" (Hammerstein / Kern)
  4. "Slow Groove" (Monda)
  5. "J. V. and Me" (Freeman / Martinez)
  6. "Straight Ahead" (Freeman / Martinez)
  7. "I Like All Kinds of Music" (Parker / Moore / Creach)
  8. "Brand New Day" (Parker / Creach)
  9. "Jump Up, Gimme Some Dancing" (Monda)
  10. "Orange Blossom Special" (Rouse)


Additional Personnel

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