Maulana, Andhe ki laathi

Maulana, Ande ki laathi is a book written in Urdu, consisting of three written debates between Sunni and Wahabi scholars on the matter of shirk (polytheism) and bid'ah (innovation of beliefs or worship). The book aims to clear popular misunderstandings about Sunni Barelwis. It includes debates between Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg on the one hand and Maulana Atiqur Rahman Sanbhali, Maulana Abdul A'la Durrani and Maulana Shafiqur Rahman Shaheen on the other. The latter three are from the United Kingdom and Maulana Atiqur Rahman Sanbhali is the son of Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Nu'mani, the famous Deobandi debater.

The book tackles issues such as tawassul (prayer through an intermediary), ya rasoolallah, mawlid (celebration of the Muhammad's birthday), sura al-fatiha, 'urs, knowledge of the unseen, hadhir wa nadhir, noor-o-bashar and many others.

The book is available on-line. The publisher, Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg, has issued an open challenge to any Wahabi or Deobandi in the world to refute this book and its proofs.

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