Mabi is also the name of an ethnic group in Cameroon''.

Mauby (also known as mavi in Puerto Rico, and mabi in Haiti and the Dominican Republic) is a drink that is widely consumed in the Caribbean. It is made with sugar and the bark and/or fruit of certain species in the Colubrina genus including Colubrina elliptica (also called behuco indio) and Colubrina arborescens, a small tree native to the northern Caribbean and south Florida. Recipes usually include other spices as well, aniseed being very common. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two of the largest Caribbean exporters of the bark and leaves. Often the drink is fermented using a portion of the previous batch, while sometimes it is consumed unfermented. Mauby is often bought as a pre-made syrup and then mixed with water (sparkling or still) to the consumer's taste, but many still make it themselves at home. Its taste is initially sweet, somewhat like root beer, but changes to a prolonged but not astringent bitter aftertaste. To many it is an acquired taste.

There are several varieties of commercially available Jamaican mauby or Dominican mabi: seybano and cacheo. Seybano is lighter in color and made from tree bark extract and white and brown sugar, while cacheo is darker and made from both bark and fruit extract, with spices and brown sugar. Both are made with carbonated water.

Mauby Fizzz is a commercially produced and carbonated version of the drink produced in Trinidad and Tobago from mauby bark. It is unfermented. A similar version is also produced in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines called Hairoun Mauby.


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