master hand


[mas-ter, mah-ster]
Master (one possessing control or authority) or Masters may refer to:

Social and Spiritual

Arts and entertainment


Ranks and titles

  • Master (judiciary), a low (or lowest, in some jurisdictions) rank of judge or judicial official
  • Master (naval), a former rank of the United States Navy (now called lieutenant, junior grade.)
  • Master (Peerage of Scotland), the male heir-apparent or heir-presumptive to a title in the Peerage of Scotland
  • Master Aircrew, the highest non-commissioned rank held by aircrew in the Royal Air Force, equivalent to Warrant Officer in other branches
  • Master Cadet, the highest non-commissioned rank within the Sea Cadet Corps of the New Zealand Cadet Forces.
  • Master Corporal, an appointment of Corporal in the army and air force elements of the Canadian Forces
  • Master craftsman, a member of a guild
  • Master Driver, a Warrant Officer appointment in the British Army's Royal Logistic Corps
  • Master Gunner, a Warrant Officer appointment in the British Army's Royal Artillery
  • Master Mariner, the official title of someone qualified to command a ship, a nautical captain.
  • Master Seaman, an appointment of Leading Seaman in the navy element of the Canadian Forces
  • Master Sergeant, a non-commissioned officer rank in the Singapore Armed Forces and the United States Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps
  • Master tradesman, a person who has a greater level of skill than most in the licensed trades
  • Master Warrant Officer, the second highest non-commissioned rank in the army and air force elements of the Canadian Forces.
  • Master-at-arms, a naval police officer, often addressed as "Master" in the Royal Navy
  • Special master, a quasi-judicial legal officer
  • Master or Worshipful Master, the presiding officer of a Masonic Lodge
  • Sailing Master, the warrant officer responsible for the navigation and steering of a sailing vessel during the Age of Sail.
  • Jedi master, a rank in the fictional Star Wars Jedi Order


  • Master, traditional title of the chief administrative officer of some colleges of the universities of Cambridge, Durham, and Oxford.
  • Master's degree, a graduate or sometimes undergraduate degree in a specified discipline.
  • Master of the United College, the head of the United College at the University of St Andrews.
  • The Masters School, an independent school in New York.
  • Schoolmaster, a male school teacher. This usage survives in British public schools, but is generally obsolete elsewhere.
  • Headmaster, the most senior teacher in a school (British usage)
  • High Master, an alternative for Headmaster in some schools
  • Master of the Children, for the choir boys.
  • Mastery education, the belief that students must demonstrate mastery of basic material before advancing

Proper names


The surname Masters is of Norman origin and it is thought that it is probably an anglicized form of the French Maystres, Maystre, or Maistre.


Technological uses

  • Master-slave (technology), one device controlling the operation of other devices.
  • Master, the original of a document or other copied item.
  • Master recording, the original of a visual and/or sound recording, which is then mixed and/or cut into a template from which distributable copies are made.

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