[mast, mahst]
Mast may refer to:

  • Mast (botany), the edible seed and fruit produced by trees or shrubs that wildlife species will consume
  • Mast cell, involved in the allergy response
  • Mast (Sufism), in India, a type of religious intoxication
  • Mast (film) is a 1999 Indian movie by Ram Gopal Verma
  • Mast (naval), in naval tradition, a non-judicial disciplinary hearing
  • Mast (sailing), a pole which holds a sail on sailing ships and boats
  • Mast year, a year in which vegetation produces a significant abundance of fruit
  • Radio masts and towers, poles or lattice towers which carry antennas/aerials
  • Radar masts, typically on naval vessels, but also vehicles such as the 9K33 Osa.
  • The primary support for a helicopter rotor
  • The main vertical structure on a Forklift truck, which carries the machanism for raising and lowering the load.

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