Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party was an American television game show. During its original run from 1952 to 1960, the show appeared at various times on all three major networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS).

A panel of celebrities met with another celebrity that was in heavy make-up and/or costume; this disguise would always provide clues to the celebrity's actual identity. For example, Actor Gary Burghoff appeared in 1974 as a robot with radar, alluding to his role as Radar O'Reilly on M*A*S*H. The panel asked yes-or-no questions to the celebrity, and then received another clue about the celebrity's identity at the end of the round. After the clue, the panel had one last chance to guess the identity, followed by the celebrity revealing their true identity.

1952-1960 version

The original show had several hosts during its run, including Bud Collyer, newsman Douglas Edwards, most notably Eddie Bracken, Robert Q. Lewis, and Bert Parks. Well-known panelists included Pat Carroll, Sam Levenson, Audrey Meadows, Ogden Nash, Betsy Palmer, and Jonathan Winters. Comedian Allan Sherman was the producer, and Stefan Hatos was the executive producer. This incarnation was ranked #8 on TV Guide's 2001 list of the 50 greatest game shows of all time.

1974-1975 version

A syndicated revival was produced by Stefan Hatos and Monty Hall in 1974, hosted by Richard Dawson and announced by Jay Stewart. The basic premise was the same as the original show. Bill Bixby, Lee Meriweather, and Nipsey Russell were regular panelists. Col. Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame made an appearance as a celebrity guest. The 70s reprisal was placed mainly in evening time slots across the nation and it failed to attract decent ratings. It was canceled within a year in September 1975, when host Richard Dawson was hired as the first emcee of Family Feud, which debuted in 1976.

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