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The Last Married Couple in America

The Last Married Couple in America is a 1980 comedy film released in the US. It was directed by Gilbert Cates, whose most successful film Oh, God! Book II, was released in the same year. The film starred George Segal and Natalie Wood as a California couple struggling to maintain their "happily married" status as all their friends begin to get divorces. This is the last completed theatrical release Natalie Wood made before her death in 1981. (For her final film, 1983's "Brainstorm", co-starring Christopher Walken, she died before filming was complete, finishing roughly 75% of her scenes, according to director Douglas Trumbull.)


Box office

Upon release, the film performed very poorly at the box office and garnered almost universally negative reviews, though some critics singled out Valerie Harper for her supporting role as a newly-divorced and sexually-aggressive friend of Segal and Wood. In the film, Harper's character gets a second lease on life by undergoing a vaginoplasty to help recapture her youth.


The outdoor fast-food joint featured in the film is that of the Original Tommy's Burgers, a popular Los Angeles restaurant chain that first opened in 1946 on the corner of Beverly and Rampart.

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