[mahr-kwis, mahr-kee; Fr. mar-kee]
Marquis, Don (Donald Robert Perry Marquis), 1878-1937, American author, b. Walnut, Ill. In 1912 he began the humorous column "The Sun Dial" in the New York Sun and later conducted "The Lantern" in the Herald Tribune. He invented various characters of gay satire, notably "archy the cockroach" and "mehitabel the cat." Their saga is told in Lives and times of archy and mehitabel (3 vol. in 1, 1943). Marquis published innumerable stories, poems, and plays.
or marquis

European h1 of nobility, ranking in modern times immediately below a duke and above a count or earl. The wife of a marquess is a marchioness or marquise. The term originally denoted a count holding a march, or mark (frontier district).

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(born 1612—died May 21, 1650, Edinburgh, Scot.) Scottish general in the English Civil Wars. He served in the Covenanter army that invaded northern England (1640) but remained a royalist. Appointed lieutenant-general by Charles I (1644), he led his royalist army of Highlanders and Irish to victories in major battles in Scotland. After Charles's defeat in 1645, Montrose fled to the European continent. He returned to Scotland in 1650 with 1,200 men, but he was defeated, captured, and hanged.

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Marquis, Saskatchewan is a village located on the highway 42 about 32 km northwest of Moose Jaw. It was incorporated in 1910 and, as of 2001, has 94 inhabitants.


Businesses and services in the village include a general store/liquor store franchise, a post office, a municipal office, a sand blasting and painting facility, and a service station. The primary economic base is agriculture.

Marquis is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway line. In common with many Saskatchewan communities, Marquis's grain elevators were torn down during the 1990s.


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