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The term mantle could refer to:

  • A mantle is a piece of clothing, similar to a robe but sleeveless and often open in the front, worn as an outer covering.

All other meanings of the word derive from this one.

  • Mantle (vesture) (Mandyas) is an Eastern Orthodox vesture worn by monastics and higher clergy.
  • Mantle (geology) is a layer in the interior of Earth or another planet. Inside the Earth, Mantle is sandwiched between the crust in the top and the core in the bottom.
  • A mantle (mollusc) is an organ possessed by mollusks which is used to secrete their shells.
  • Gas mantle is a device used in lanterns, gas and kerosene lamps to produce a bright light.
  • A mantle (also mantel, fireplace mantel, mantelpiece) is the stone or wood beam that serves as a support for the structure above a fireplace.
  • A mantle (climbing) is a rock climbing move. It is used to surmount a ledge or feature in the rock in the absence of any useful holds directly above.
  • Mickey Mantle was an American baseball player.
  • The Mantle is an album by Agalloch.
  • In heraldry, mantling is drapery that is tied to the helmet above the shield.

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