Manscape is an album released in 1990 by the British post-punk group Wire. It was produced by David M. Allen, recorded and mixed at RAK Studios, engineered by Roy Spong, and published by Dying Art Ltd.

Manscape saw Wire exploring electronica more deeply than on previous works. Bass and drums were mostly sequenced and a 1990 UK and European tour saw the band performing live without Robert Gotobed, once again playing mostly new material from the LP and a few older songs reworked to fit the electronic instrumentation. The rise and evolution of dance music informed the record while lyrically it remained part cut-up and part obliquely referential. "The Morning Bell" is about the British public school system, while "Small Black Reptile" is about the political system. The record's centrepiece, "You Hung Your Lights In the Trees/A Craftsman's Touch", spans fourteen minutes.

The original vinyl release has a significantly different running order and omits "Life in the Manscape".

Track listing

  1. "Life in the Manscape"
  2. "Stampede"
  3. "Patterns of Behaviour"
  4. "Other Moments"
  5. "Small Black Reptile"
  6. "Torch It"
  7. "Morning Bell"
  8. "Where's the Deputation?"
  9. "What Do You See?"
  10. "Goodbye Ploy"
  11. "Sixth Sense"
  12. "Children of Groceries"
  13. "You Hung Your Lights in the Trees/A Craftsman's Touch"

UK Vinyl Version (Mute STUMM 80)

  1. "Patterns Of Behaviour"
  2. "Goodbye Ploy"
  3. "Morning Bell"
  4. "Small Black Reptile"
  5. "Torch It"
  6. "Other Moments"
  7. "Sixth Sense"
  8. "What Do You See? (Welcome)"
  9. "Where's The Deputation?"
  10. "You Hung Your Lights In The Trees / A Craftsman's Touch"

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