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Man-Sized Wreath

"Man-Sized Wreath" is the second track and third single from R.E.M.'s fourteenth album Accelerate, released on August 11, 2008 in the UK. The single was announced after the band's Madison Square Garden show on June 19, 2008, where footage of the upcoming music video was shown. The single is available as a digital download and a limited edition clear-colored 7" vinyl single. The b-side "Living Well Jesus Dog" is presumed to be either a demo or early take of "Living Well Is the Best Revenge," and gets its title from a comment Peter Buck makes at the beginning of the track as to whether or not Jesus had a dog, which prompts Michael Stipe to joke they should name the new album "Did Jesus Have a Dog?"

Some of the lyrics seem to be about George W Bush especially "nature abhors a vacuum and what have you got between your ears"

Track listing

7" single (W807)

  1. "Man-Sized Wreath" - 2:32
  2. "Living Well Jesus Dog" - 4:21

Digital download

  1. "Man-Sized Wreath" - 2:32
  2. "Living Well Jesus Dog" - 4:21
  3. "Mr. Richards" (Live in Vancouver) - 3:54

This digital download is available on as well as

Music video

The video is produced by CRUSH Inc., a graphic-design and production studio based in Toronto, who also created the video for previous single "Hollow Man." Some footage of the video was shown during the band's June 19th concert at Madison Square Garden.

The video revolves around a man being followed by various block-shaped figures, said to represent the media.


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