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Spider-Man Family

Spider-Man Family is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. It began as a series of one-shots written and penciled by various writers and artists before becoming a bi-monthly ongoing series with the first issue cover-dated February 2007. Its initial writer was Sean McKeever.

Each issue of Spider-Man Family contains brand new stories featuring Spider-Man and his supporting cast, reprints of classic Spider-Man tales, and an American translation of the original Japanese manga, Spider-Man J. A new feature, Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man will be launched in the title in June, written by Tom DeFalco, taking place within Marvel's MC2 continuity.

It was recently announced by Tom Brevoort in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man that Spider-Man Family would be rebranded "Amazing Spider-Man Family" in June 2008. The rebranded title will contain storylines from both the "Brand New Day" canon, and the MC2 canon, with a classic reprint each issue. In October 2008, Brevoot confirmed the company were toying with the idea of promoting the title to a monthly based on it's moderate success.

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