Man About Town

Man About Town

Man About Town is a 2006 independent drama/comedy film written and directed by Mike Binder. Set in the Los Angeles area, it stars Ben Affleck, Rebecca Romijn, John Cleese, Bai Ling, and Jerry O'Connell. Despite a theatrical release in many countries around the world, from Israel to Spain, it was released direct-to-DVD on February 13, 2007 in the United States of America.


Top Hollywood talent agent Jack Giamoro (Ben Affleck) seems to have it all: a successful career, money, a beautiful wife. But he still feels like something is missing, and so he takes a journal writing class to explore his feelings. But when Jack learns his wife Nina (Rebecca Romijn) is cheating on him with his most important client, his perfect life quickly starts to unravel. Things get even worse when Jack's journal --which contains secrets that could ruin him personally and professionally -- is stolen by ambitious journalist Barbi (Bai Ling). Jack must fight back to hold on to everything he has fought so hard to win, and in doing so he finally achieves the self-insight he was looking for -- and he realizes that only through family can he really find lasting happiness.


Actor Role
Ben Affleck Jack Giamoro
Rebecca Romijn Nina Giamoro
John Cleese Dr. Primkin
Mike Binder Morty
Gina Gershon Arlene Kreiner
Adam Goldberg Phil Balow
Howard Hesseman Ben Giamoro
Bai Ling Barbi Ling
Jerry O'Connell David Lilly
Kal Penn Alan Fineberg
Amber Valletta Brynn Lilly
Damien Wayans Lucky Reynolesl

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