Saleby Runestone

The Saleby Runestone or Vg 67, in Västergötland, Sweden, is one of few runestones that are raised after women. It ends with a curse on the one who destroys the memorial. A similar curse also appears on the Tryggevælde Runestone and the Glavendrup stone in Denmark.

It was discovered in 1794, in the walls of the church of Saleby. It is 2.7 metres tall and c. 0.45 cm wide.

Transliteration of the runes into Latin characters

+ fraustin + karþi + kubl * þausi + aftiR + þuru + kunu + sino + su ... ...(s) + tutiR bast + miþ + altum + uarþi at + rata + au=k + at arkRi '+ kunu + saR + ias haukui + krus + -... + uf + briuti

Transcription into Old Norse

Frøystæinn gærði kumbl þausi æftiR Þoru, konu sina. Su [va]R ... dottiR, bæzt með aldum. Verði at ok at argRi konu saR es haggvi [i] krus, ... of briuti.

Translation in English

Freysteinn made these monuments in memory of Þóra, his wife. She was ... daughter, the best of her generation. May he who cuts to pieces ... breaks ... become a warlock and a maleficient woman ...


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