malay pen-insula


[mey-ley, muh-ley]
Malay may refer to:


  • Malay language, the language of Malaysia and Brunei, lingua franca of Samudera-Pasai (Malay Archipelago)
  • Old Malay language(s), possible ancestor(s) of Bahasa Melayu, and the Indonesian language
  • Sri Lankan Creole Malay language, a language spoken by the Malay ethnic minority in Sri Lanka


  • Malays (ethnic group), the ethnic group located primarily in the Malay peninsula, and parts of Sumatra and Borneo
  • Malay race, a racial category encompassing the people of South East Asia and sometimes the Pacific Islands
  • Malaysian Malays, a constitutionally defined group of Muslim Malaysian citizens
  • Malays in Singapore
  • Malay Indonesian, ethnic Malays in Indonesia
  • Thai Malays, ethnic Malays in Thailand
  • Cape Malays, an ethnic group or community in South Africa
  • Cocos Malays, the predominant group ethnic group of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, now part of Australia
  • Malay Australian, ethnic Malays living in Australia, or have applied for Australian citizenship.
  • Overseas Malays, people of Malay ancestry living outside Malaysia and neighbouring ethnic Malay home areas



  • Malay states, a group of nine states of Malaysia (all located in West Malaysia) which have hereditary rulers.
  • Melayu Kingdom or Malayu kingdom, once prospered in Indonesia as part of Srivijaya.


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