Malange is the capital city of Malanje Province in Angola Pop. 222,000 aprox. Malange, at an elevation of 1,220 m.Nearby is the spectacular Calandula waterfalls,85 km from the city. These falls are 105 metres high and their great width makes them the main tourist attraction in the region. It is a breathtaking sight. Pedras Negras de Pungo Andongo are massive black rocks.The greatest dam in the country is in Malange, in the municipality of Capanda. The climate is mainly humid, with average temperatures between 20 and 24°C and rainfall 900mm to 130mm in the rainy season (October to April).Prior to Angola’s independence from Portugal in 1975, the environs of Malange included the principal cotton-producing area of Angola. The withdrawal of the Portuguese in conjunction with Angola’s independence and, later, Angola’s civil war (1975–2002), severely hampered the production of cotton as well as that of coffee and corn (maize). Malanje was partially destroyed during the civil war, but reconstruction efforts are under way in the years following the end of the conflict. The Cangandala National Park, was established on 25th June, 1970, having previously been classified as an Integral Natural Reserve on 25th May, 1963. It has an area of 600 km2.As far as religious buildings are concemed, there is the Evangelical Church at Quêssua and as for funerary constructions, the Tomb of the queen Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande and the tomb of José do Telhado a local Robin Wood.Jose' do Telhado was white angolan that in colonial days use to steal from rich whites & distribute to poor blacks.Worth visiting is the Forte de Cabatuquila in the city.The following airlines fly from Luanda TAAG, SAL and Air GEMINI .Malange is 450 km from the capital.


The construction of the railway from Luanda to Malange, in the fertile highlands,started in 1885. It will be the terminus of a railway from the capital city and port of Luanda once reconstruction is complete.

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