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Malan, Daniel François, 1874-1959, South African political leader. A minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, he left the pulpit after the outbreak of World War I to become editor of an Afrikaner nationalist paper. Rising to prominence in the National party in Cape Province, he was elected to parliament in 1918. He served (1924-33) as minister of the interior, public health, and education in the cabinet of J. B. M. Hertzog. After World War II, Malan's National party and the small Afrikaner party, campaigning on the issue of white supremacy, came (1948) to power with Malan as prime minister. His government initiated the racial separation laws known as apartheid. He retired as prime minister in 1954.
Malan may be:

Members of the prominent South African Malan family:

  • F. S. Malan (1871–1941), Minister of Education, 1910–1924
  • Daniel François (D.F.) Malan (1874–1959), Prime Minister of South Africa, 1948–1954
  • Adolph Malan (1910–1963), known as Sailor Malan, Royal Air Force fighter pilot in the Second World War
  • Magnus Malan (born 1930), general, Chief of the South African Army, Chief of the South African Defence Force and Minister of Defence, 1980–1991
  • Rian Malan, author, journalist and political activist


  • Malan (Xinjiang)
  • Malan Breton (born 1973), Taiwanese-born contestant on the third season of the American television show Project Runway
  • Malan Darras (born 1974), Singer / Designer Rewake, The Manic State, Born A Number

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