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The Live Brain Wedgie/WAD

The Live Brain Wedgie/WAD is a recording by Ween. It was released in 1988. The first side of this album is a live show, the second is studio tracks. This is considered by some people to be Ween's first album, but it is not. It is their first actual record though. A majority of the records pressed are in possession of Dean Ween, although some copies were sold at concerts and given away to friends. On June 29th, 2007 Deaner placed 30 of the 500 original pressings on ebay, out of spite and "to buy 100 dollar bottles of Red Burgundy and veal cutlets". This is Ween's last known album on Bird O' Pray Records, as it is not known what label Prime 5 was on. High-quality lossless version of this album are available to download in torrent form at, in both FLAC and SHN format, to the band's approval. Because it is less than 20 minutes long, it could be considered an EP.

It should be noted that both sides of this release play at different record speeds.

Track listing

  1. "You Fucked Up"
  2. "Jelly"
  3. "The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close"
  4. "I Like You"
  5. "I Drink A Lot"
  6. "Nippy Wiffle"
  7. "In The Node Of Golgothia"
  8. "I Gots A Weasel"
  9. "Hippie Smell"
  10. "Stacey"
  11. "Gladiola Heartbreaker"

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