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Make Sure They See My Face

Make Sure They See My Face is the second album by Kenna.

When the album was first announced in 2005, it was named Make Sure They See My Face. Then, in 2006, it was shortened to just Face. Since then it has returned to the original, longer title. The album was co-produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. In addition to the name changes the album has faced delays, written over the course of three years, finishing in early 2007. The album was originally set to be released on June 5, 2007, then pushed back to June 19, 2007, finally being released on October 16, 2007. Kenna, in an interview with Vibe magazine, cited the reason for delays as being over the video for the albums debut single. The inspiration for the album came from Kenna's attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the title, inspired from phone calls by Neptunes Pharrell asking Kenna; "are you going make sure they see your face?". Kenna's Kilimanjaro climb took him to 18,200 feet before he fell ill from taking a sulfur-based altitude medicine, one he was unaware he was allergic to. The Album was released 12 May 2008 in the UK.

Track listing

  1. "Daylight" (Chad Hugo)
  2. "Out of Control (State of Emotion)" (Chad Hugo)
  3. "Loose Wires/Blink Radio" (Pharrell Williams)
  4. "Say Goodbye to Love" (Pharrell Williams)
  5. "Sun Red, Sky Blue" (Chad Hugo)
  6. "Baptized in Blacklight" (Chad Hugo)
  7. "Static" (Kenna)
  8. "Phantom Always" (Chad Hugo)
  9. "Face the Gun/Good Luck" (Chad Hugo)
  10. "Better Wise Up" (Chad Hugo)
  11. "Be Still" (Kenna)
  12. "Wide Awake" (Chad Hugo)

Bonus tracks

  • "Down" (iTunes bonus track)
  • "Out of Control (State of Emotion) - Chad Hugo's Impossible Remix" (Best Buy bonus download)
  • "Out of Control (State of Emotion) - SpankRock's Free Donuts & Shell Fish Remix (XXXChange w/Ronnie Darko)" (Best Buy bonus download)
  • "Black Goodbye Ride" (UK bonus track)
  • "Big Lights" (UK Bonus Track)
  • Rocaway Life (Produced by Justin Timberlake & Chad Hugo) (UK Bonus Track)

Target bonus DVD

  • "Baptized in Blacklight" (full band live in the studio)
  • "Static" (full band live in the studio)
  • "Better Wise Up" (full band live in the studio)
  • Interview


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