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You Boyz Make Big Noize

You Boyz Make Big Noize was an album by the British glam/hardrock group Slade. It was released April 27 1987 and reached number 98 in the UK charts. The album spent only one week on the UK chart, and was deemed an ultimate flop for the band by critics, even though it had some fair material. All the singles pulled from this album were all of a high standard, and contained some very catchy hooks and riffs, but the public were starting to get a little tired of Slade. So were the band.

It would be the last studio album by the original lineup. The next Slade album would only feature Dave Hill and Don Powell with a different lead singer and bass player, and would be under the guise of Slade II.

Track listing

  1. "Love Is Like A Rock" (Avsec/McClain/Ierace/Hoenes/Valentine)
  2. "That's What Friends Are For" (Holder/Lea) UK #95
  3. "Still The Same" (Holder/Lea) UK #73
  4. "Fools Go Crazy" (Holder/Lea)
  5. "You Boyz Make Big Noize" (Holder/Lea)
  6. "She's Heavy" (Holder/Lea)
  7. "We Won't Give In" (Holder/Lea) Did Not Chart
  8. "Won't You Rock With Me" (Holder/Lea)
  9. "Ooh La La In L.A." (Holder/Lea) Did Not Chart
  10. "Me And The Boys" (Holder/Lea)
  11. "Sing Shout (Knock Yourself Out)" (Holder/Lea)
  12. "The Roaring Silence" (Holder/Lea)
  13. "It's Hard Having Fun Nowadays" (Holder/Lea)

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