make a bid


Make-a-Million is a card game created by Parker Brothers. It was copyrighted in 1934 and released to the public in 1935. The game was first released in Salem, Massachusetts, and then to New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta. The game is designed for up to eight players. The players are divided into two teams. The object of the game is to win as many tricks or hands as possible. The teams bid for the right to name the trump. In addition to the regular cards there are three animal or wild cards. The Tiger, the Bull, and the Bear. These three wild cards can be played at anytime during the game. The Tiger is the most powerful card, it can be used to take any trick by acting as the highest trump card. The Bull can be played at anytime to double the points taken by that round. The Bear automatically cancels all cards in the round that it is played on.

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