Epping Forest Pipe Band

The Epping Forest Pipe Band is a Highland Bagpipe and Drum Band which performs at various events.


In 1974, Bryan Bredin, Nobby Hall and Alan Geddes of the Waltham Forest Pipe Band, a well established traditional Highland Bagpipe and Drum Band, had the idea of forming a junior Pipe Band, so that children could be taught the art of playing the Bagpipes and Drums.

In its first five years, the Band performed at a variety of functions including local fetes and Royal British Legion parades.

The first landmark in the Band's history was in 1978, when they toured Poland for two weeks, raising money for a new Polish hospital. This was rapidly followed in 1979 with another landmark in the Band's history, performing live on BBC television, in the Birmingham Studios for "Pebble Mill at One".

No sooner had the Band changed their name, than they received a second invitation to return to Poland for another two week tour. So once again in 1980, the newly named, "Epping Forest Pipe Band", took to the skies and travelled to Eastern Europe. Not only was this to be a fund raising trip, but an educational one too, as the Band visited the Salt Mines, Kraków Square, Zachopany and the Birthplace of the famous composer, Chopin.

During the 1980s the Band grew from strength to strength, under the continued Pipe Majorship of Bryan Bredin. More and more children were benefiting from membership of the band. Performances were given at many venues, some of the more notable being "The Great Children's Party" in Hyde Park, the tarmac at Manchester Airport for the first visit of Polish War veterans to England and London Weekend Television for The Six O'Clock Show.

During the eighties, the Band successfully competed at a number of Highland Gatherings and Pipe Band competitions and received one or two trophies.

The 1990s were a decade that would see the Band's biggest change. The early nineties continued to see regular performances and shows, however, in 1995, Bryan believed that after 21 years, it was time for a new Pipe Major and stepped down from leadership responsibilities. However, he remained active in support and tuition for the remainder of his years.

In 1996, Simon Bredin took over the Pipe Majorship of the Band with the full support of the committee and has led ever since.

Highlights of the late nineties include performances at the Royal Albert Hall and two further trips to Europe, to attend folkloric music and dance festivals.

In May 1999 The Epping Forest Pipe Band celebrated its 25th birthday with a Scottish evening, with guests from other local Bands and past members.

Notable performances

Some of The Epping Forest Pipe Bands more recent highlights include a return to Europe for a four day music festival in Frankfurt and have performed at The Europeade Cultural Festival 2007 in Horsens in Denmark, as well as in 2008 in Martigny, Switzerland, where they were commended for their superb quality and prowess.

The band was featured live on BBC television, in the Birmingham Studios for "Pebble Mill at One" and have also performed at The Royal Albert Hall.

The band also often performs for The Royal British Legion at its War Widows Parade in White Hall, London, which is held on the previous day to Remembrance Day.


The Epping Forest Pipe Band plays music typical of a Highland Pipes and Drums Band, including popular favourites, such as "Scotland the Brave", "Amazing Grace", and "Auld Lang Syne", as well as some of the more complex, including "Desert Storm", "The Egg and Fiddle" or "Banjo Breakdown". Some of pipers play McCallum Bagpipes and most of the Drum Corps play Premier Highland Drums


The History of The Epping Forest Pipe Band

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