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Blood-Horse magazine List of the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century

In 1999, a panel for The Blood-Horse magazine made up of distinguished horse racing people: Howard Battle, Lenny Hale, Jay Hovdey, William Nack, Pete Pedersen, Jennie Rees and Tommy Trotter. These experts compiled a list of what they considered to be the top 100 racehorses of the 20th Century. The list was made into a book with complete biographies under the title Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century.Eclipse Press (ISBN 1-58150-024-6)

Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century

  1. Man o' War
  2. Secretariat
  3. Citation
  4. Kelso
  5. Count Fleet
  6. Dr. Fager
  7. Native Dancer
  8. Forego
  9. Seattle Slew
  10. Spectacular Bid
  11. Tom Fool
  12. Affirmed
  13. War Admiral
  14. Buckpasser
  15. Colin
  16. Damascus
  17. Round Table
  18. Cigar
  19. Bold Ruler
  20. Swaps
  21. Equipoise
  22. Phar Lap
  23. John Henry
  24. Nashua
  25. Seabiscuit
  26. Whirlaway
  27. Alydar
  28. Gallant Fox
  29. Exterminator
  30. Sysonby
  31. Sunday Silence
  32. Skip Away
  33. Assault
  34. Easy Goer
  35. Ruffian
  36. Gallant Man
  37. Discovery
  38. Challedon
  39. Armed
  40. Busher
  41. Stymie
  42. Alysheba
  43. Northern Dancer
  44. Ack Ack
  45. Gallorette
  46. Majestic Prince
  47. Coaltown
  48. Personal Ensign
  49. Sir Barton
  50. Dahlia
  51. Susan's Girl
  52. Twenty Grand
  53. Sword Dancer
  54. Grey Lag
  55. Devil Diver
  56. Zev
  57. Riva Ridge
  58. Slew o'Gold
  59. Twilight Tear
  60. Native Diver
  61. Omaha
  62. Cicada
  63. Silver Charm
  64. Holy Bull
  65. Alsab
  66. Top Flight
  67. Arts and Letters
  68. All Along
  69. Noor
  70. Shuvee
  71. Regret
  72. Go for Wand
  73. Johnstown
  74. Bald Eagle
  75. Hill Prince
  76. Lady's Secret
  77. Two Lea
  78. Eight Thirty
  79. Gallant Bloom
  80. Ta Wee
  81. Affectionately
  82. Miesque
  83. Carry Back
  84. Bimelech
  85. Lure
  86. Fort Marcy
  87. Gamely
  88. Old Rosebud
  89. Bewitch
  90. Davona Dale
  91. Genuine Risk
  92. Sarazen
  93. Sun Beau
  94. Artful
  95. Bayakoa
  96. Exceller
  97. Foolish Pleasure
  98. Beldame
  99. Roamer
  100. Blue Larkspur

Controversy about the list

Author Bill Nack commented regarding the outcome of why Man'OWar was selected #1 in the The Blood-Horse poll.
"I spent two days on the project. The final results were skewered when, I am told, one of the judges put Secretariat fourteenth on his top-100 list. I don't know who this particular voter was---individual voting has remained a secret on that panel---but it was an idiotic judgment that should have been dismissed out of hand. Had I known any voter would do such a thing, I'd have put Man o' War in fourteenth place just to counterbalance the loony. That would have leveled the playing field. Here was a horse who had broken three track records in all three Triple Crown races, including the controversial Preakness clocking, two of which records (Derby and Belmont) still stand today; whose 31-length Belmont Stakes victory, in which he earned a Beyer of 137, is by consensus regarded as the greatest performance by a racehorse in history; and yet here was a voter who concocted a list suggesting that Secretariat would have finished last, behind 13 horses, in a field made up of that voter's first 14 horses on the list. It warped the voting and thereby tainted the list."

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