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Reed (name)

Reed may be either a surname or given name.

Reed as a surname

"Reed" is a variant of the surname "Read", which is a nickname-derived surname referring to a person's complexion or hair being ruddy or red. In the modern world, 'Reed' appears as a surname most commonly in the United States among English-speaking countries, where it was the 55th most common surname in 1990 accounting for about 0.12% of the population. The relative frequencies in 1998 among several countries were United States >> Great Britain > Australia ~ New Zealand ~ Canada >> Northern Ireland >> Ireland. In Great Britain, 'Reed' ranked at 158th (0.081%) and 183rd (0.073%) in 1881 and 1998, respectively, with little or no change in internal distribution among counties during the intervening century.

'Reed' has been adopted by several notable actors as their stage surname in preference to their birth names (see #Pseudonyms and aliases, below).

In Norway

Many Norwegians use a last name derived from their family farm or town. Reed is a town in Sogn og Fjordane county in Norway. As of 2008 314 share the surname Reed.

Reed means "blue"

People sharing the Reed surname

There are many notable people who share the Reed surname. These people are listed below to provide a partial geographical and time reference for use of this name. People listed below are presumed to be caucasian unless otherwise indicated parenthetically; this information is included as ethnicity is an important parameter in name studies. Ethnicities found below include African American and Jewish. Multiple items on a line is indicated by a superscript number associated with country of origin. All information included in the list below has been drawn from the referenced articles without input from other external sources.Born after 1300

Compound surnames

Pseudonyms and aliases

  • Mexico (1901–1973) Donald Reed, born "Ernesto Avila Guillen", emigrated to the United States
  • United States

Fictional characters

Reed as a given name

"Reed" is an uncommon male given name. In the United States, 'Reed' fluctuated among ranks of 400th to 1100th from 1881 through 2006, showing peaks in 1995 (rank 414) and 1949 (417) and a nadir in 1886 (1079). Information for other countries has insufficient depth to detect use of 'Reed' as a given name.

People sharing the Reed given name

Born after 1800

Pseudonyms and aliases

Fictional characters

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