Mai, Angelo, 1782-1854, Italian philologist and, from 1838, cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. As an official at the Ambrosian Library in Milan and the Vatican Library, he discovered and published many manuscripts, some of them highly valuable. His most famous discovery was Cicero's De republica.
In Māori mythology the Nuku-mai-tore are forest-dwelling spirits. Tura joins Whiro's canoe party, but when it enters a whirlpool he catches the overhanging boughs of a tree and lives among the Nuku-mai-tore, to whom he teaches the use of fire, the art of cooking, and the natural way of childbirth together with the ceremonies attending to the birth of a child (Beckwith 1970:502, White 1887-1891, II:8-15, 17-19).



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