The Mandogs

The Mandogs is a successful Melbourne radio show operating on Radio Monash, hosted by Ando and Agent Orange.

The show

2007 new beginnings

Ando began as a Monash University Student in March 2007. After a brief discussion at a bar near campus he recruited a second year student Mahogs (no longer a host) to join him on a radio show venture. In the following weeks The Mandogs began with varying success, and a low listener count.

Pilot show

Straight away there was a conflict of creative differences between the two hosts. The pilot included a short discussion on Melbourne Lord Mayor John So suggesting that he was too nice to be lord mayor and that a lord mayor should not 'be my bro'. It was evident then that much work would be required to bring the show up to standard.

Semester 1

Semester 1 saw the introduction of Stormin' Norman Lockford, The Mandog's roaming reporter. His travels included Rome, Nigeria and various other locations including a suspicious garage sale. Later that semester Scott "Agent" Orange joined the team as a regular guest and later a cohost. Before the conclusion of Semester 1, the Mandogs team took on the challenge of trying to get local teen Josh Szabo laid before his 17th birthday. They failed.

Semester 2

Semester 2 kicked off with a bang with one of the biggest shows celebrating Ando's birthday. They followed it up swiftly with an awesome "Green Week" show that even Ryan Seacrest is reported to have listened to. Later in the semester, due to Mahog's continuous poor performance his position was discontinued.

Holiday shows

The Mandogs have hosted special shows dedicated to particular holidays, including Monash Open Day and Easter. Both Ando and Mahogs brought special guests with them, including Steve Kennedy and Vala Malduran. However such guests were introduced mainly as a means to reduce preparation time for the hosts.

Vala is currently hosting a radio program in Bergen, Norway, entitled "FAEN, hold kjeft du!", which is highly popular among middle aged men, due to her high pitch voice, and the show's Pro-Communist themes.

Steve is holding also hosting a radio program in Bergen, Norway called "drepe alle kommunistene", Which is highly popular amongst middle aged women, due to his soothing baritone and strong fascist sensibilities.

Vinyl Week show

During semester 2 The Mandogs held a special Vinyl Week show, where all the music played was played on old vinyl records from the stations largely unappreciated vinyl library. Songs played included hits from bands such as The Cure and The Who as well as some lesser known singles from decades past. This show recorded record ratings and The Mandogs have since introduced a portion of the show dedicated to playing music from the vinyl library.


Guests have included:


During semester 2 a podcast was made available through iTunes.


Pick The Porky

In this regular portion of the show, Agent Orange reads 3 bizarre news articles, one of which is false. Ando must compete against another person in attempting to guess which is the "Porky".


  • Jason from Activities, is a member of the goodtimepartyband.
  • Rumor has it that one of the co-hosts has another show on the Radio Monash Network which he has not told the others about.
  • All podcasts have been edited using the program GarageBand on an Apple Mac computer.

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