magnetic north

Magnetic North (Hopesfall album)

Magnetic North is the fourth full-length album released by the hardcore band Hopesfall. Josh Brigham, one of the guitarists and the only founding member remaining during the recording of the album, has said: "Our music has always been spacey and heavy, and we use those roots, combined with our love of grunge-era Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr., HUM, and Pixies, we add some bigger, heavier riffs.

"We all admire bands that can morph and change with each album, and that is what we try to do. Expect change and progression, in both songwriting and overall style, on the new album."

During the period before this album's release, the band released a new song from the album on their MySpace page each week for the ten weeks prior to the release date.

"Bird Flu" was previously released on the compilation album "Trustkill Takeover Vol. 2".

Track listing

  1. "Rx Contender The Pretender" - 4:40
  2. "Swamp Kittens" - 5:14
  3. "Cubic Zirconias Are Forever" - 4:00
  4. "I Can Do This On An Island" - 1:17
  5. "Secondhand Surgery" - 4:30
  6. "Vacation/Add/Vacation!" - 3:41
  7. "Magnetic North" - 1:54
  8. "East of 1989; Battle Of The Bay" - 4:35
  9. "Bird Flu" - 4:21
  10. "The Canon" - 1:02
  11. "Devil's Concubine" - 4:53
  12. "Head General Hospital" - 5:58
  13. "Paisley" - 6:24

All music written by Hopesfall — all lyrics written by Jay Forrest

Bonus tracks

In Europe and Japan the bonus track "Saskatchewan", which was origianlly slated to be on all copies of Magnetic North but was cut from releases outside of Europe and Japan without the band consenting. When the band found out the CDs had already been manufactured. Other Bonus tracks may have been planned but were not included.

"We're working on some interesting things still, with bonus tracks and such for the releases in Europe and Japan. We're talking about some re-mixes too. We scrapped a couple of songs on the record, so maybe we'll work on those, too. Be on the lookout."


  • Jay Forrest – vocals
  • Josh Brigham – guitar
  • Dustin Nadler – guitar
  • Mike Tyson – bass
  • Jason Trabue – drums
  • Mike Watts – production, mixing, engineering
  • Rich Liegey – additional engineering
  • Troy Glessner – mastering
  • Chandler Owen – art direction

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