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Johnny Bravo (character)

Johnny Bravo is the fictional main character in the television program Johnny Bravo


Johnny Bravo is a fictional character in the television program of the same name, he was created by Van Partible. Johnny is based upon rock legend Elvis Presley. In the animated series he was voiced by Jeff Bennett, a live action movie was planned with professional wrestler turned actor The Rock playing him. Even though the movie was cancelled, The Rock still has a great desire to play Johnny. Fellow professional wrestler John Cena has played interest in playing Johnny Bravo as well, whether it be playing Johnny Bravo in a live-action movie, or by succeeding his Dave the Barbarian co-star as the voice of him.


Johnny was born on Valentine's Day in an unknown year. He was born in Aron (Elvis' middle name) City. His father either abandoned him when he was a young baby, abandoned Bunny (his mother) while she was pregnant, or died.

In his first year of primary school he was short and he was bullied by someone who would become his best friend, Carl.

During his final year at High School he had his first crush on a girl named Sandy, but he was too shy to ask her out, he got to know her by having her tutor him, there he built up the courage and asked her out to the prom. Johnny thought she accepted and decided to get all muscular for "their big date". Johnny saw that Sandy never came (it was because she was moving, but he didn't know that), and remained muscular. Since then, Johnny has been on a continued dedicated hot pursuit of women.

Girls Actually Interested In Him

  • Velma Dinkley - innocently flirted with him during the episode Bravo Dooby-Doo.
  • Carol a female elk - met him in a chatroom, only went out to make her boyfriend who was a crab jealous.
  • Suzy - the little girl next door, apparently has a crush on him, the crush was featured only once (at Hanna-Barbera's insistence) in the episode "My Fair Dork", the affection isn't returned.
  • There was one nameless girl who agreed to go out on him, but she dumped him because she felt he stood her up, when in reality he was turned into a vampire.
  • A Female Werewolf - who on Wednesdays turns into an annoying, little, bald guy name Melvin who collects stamps.
  • A daughter of wood people chieftain - as she seems actually unhappy about Johnny being taken away by Carl from their wedding.
  • Heather Asplund - On the Johnny Bravo Valentine Special he was set up with a girl by his Mama, who did in fact fall in love with him to the point of sharing a brief kiss, unexpectedly it was revealed that she was a spy and could not date him due to her dangerous life
  • Sheila - a very rich girl who Johnny made laugh, making her rebel against her rich standards and date him. It was only for an hour or so but Johnny loved her so much he lent her his Squid-Ringo decoder ring. 50 years later when it was found, Sheila came back, snatched the decoder ring and flushed it down the toilet.
  • Black Widow - a woman Johnny met on a love connection type gameshow hosted by Adam West.


Johnny's friends include Carl (who is his self-proclaimed best friend) , Pops (who runs the diner down the road) and Suzie.

In Cartoon Network ads, Johnny appears to be a big brotherly figure to Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, as well as being good friends with Eddy from Ed, Edd and Eddy, Scooby-Doo and Daphne (ironically, in the Bravo Dooby Doo episode, she wasn't very nice to him, unless she was secretly fond of him), Cow from Cow and Chicken and Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Good Deeds

  • In "Johnny's Inferno", he found illegally buried toxic waste, gave a Checkout girl a jarful of Canadian pennies, and saved many kids from a defective ride, without any assistance.
  • He saved his home planet from destruction in "3rd Dork from the Sun".
  • In "Super Duped", be defeated the candy-based villain Sweet Cheeks.
  • In "Beach Blanket Bravo", he retrieved the stolen yarn, though only because he wanted to retrieve his blanket.


  • "Whoa Mama!'
  • "Mmm...(adjective)y"
  • "Right, what did I say?"
  • He constantly mistakes something for dogs.
  • "Man, I'm pretty!"
  • "Baby!"
  • "Sassy!"
  • "Yeah, whatever."
  • "This won't end well." (usually said before a situation that results in pain or embarrassment)
  • "Hu! Ha! Uh!" (while posing)
  • Bullwhip sounds when posing.


Johnny is arrogant and very dim witted. His womanizing ways get the best of him most of the times. He is a bully to almost everyone, however, most other characters, especially Carl, ignore this, and continue to socialize with him. Although he acts as though he is a grown man, he will always do what Bunny Bravo asks of him.

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Greg Brady, as the fictional character in The Brady Bunch took the name "Johnny Bravo" as a stage name

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