Lifescape magazine

Lifescape is a glossy monthly magazine aimed mostly at women who want to live a more cruelty-free, healthy, green and interesting life. It is a colourful, upbeat and genuine alternative to other women's magazines available and is published by Madafu Publishing Ltd in London.

The magazine covers fair trade fashion, cruelty-free and vegan beauty products, social issues, health, nutrition, home, travel and more. It is also the only vegetarian magazine on sale at British news stands.

Each yearm Lifescape, which is now in its second year of existence, commends companies that are making a difference by producing cruelty-free cosmetics in its Beauty Awards. It also runs Food Awards for vegetarian or vegan, fair trade and organic foods which are providing excellent options for people who eat with a conscience.

The magazine was set up a young mum in her early thirties Rajasana Otiende and is sold in WH Smiths, Borders, Waitrose and independent newsagents. It is part of the 'Just Ask!' campaign and so readers can request their local newsagent to stock the magazine.

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