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Badu-Badu is a more raw and less refined variation of Muay Thai boxing, and is rumoured to have begun in the city of Ban Nong Pradu. It is a martial art popular in the communities of South East Asia. Badu-Badu is characterised by the use of the elbows-forearms and knees-shins to administer blows. It differs from the more mainstream Muay Thai Boxing insomuch as it resembles more street-style fighting instead of the organised more professional style that characterises Muay Thai boxing. Despite its general underground stature, there is a movement to structure this martial art and give it more of a legitimate appearance. This movement was inspired by a Badu-Badu fighter known as Ai Ting, the spiritual father of the sport. The sport was brought over to Europe by Masters Elel Malik, Elel Poonanda, Elel Bous, and Elel José. The sport became popular among the international community of Paris, and even a small tournament was organised by the Masters, the first in the sport, the most memorable match in the sparring aspect of the tournament was that between the contestants Sota-San and Cormacius, Sota-San being the victor in a fantastically swift final match, bringing down the bigger opponent in a matter of minutes. Sota-San was awarded the rank of Master (or Elel) by the council of Masters.


The Badu-Badu was bought by Paris by a local group under the leadership of a group of international students in order to retaliate against the threats posed by the local Racquaille that were terrorizing locals. However even though brought across the seas for noble causes some, once acquiring the skill or Badu-Badu decided to use it to inflict their own brand of terrorism or machoism. Hence the purpose of the Masters was to make sure that Badu-Badu remained a noble martial art only to be used in times of self defence. No one with the skill of Badu-Badu has been known to ever lose a duel to a Racquaille since its arrival in France. Hence its usefulness has been statistically proven. The masters are presently debating setting up Badu-Badu clinics all over Paris in order to reduce cases of Racquaille-related violence all over the city of Paris.

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